How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

Cruel fact: How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war?

Vietnam War which was taken place from 1955 to 1975 is a protracted conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam, known as the Viet Cong, against the government of South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The war – also called War Against the Americans to Save the Nation – is part of a larger regional conflict and a manifestation of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies.

Everything will come to the end, and so did the war, but it left heavy consequences to survivals, families and next generation. Thousands of people fell down, millions of constructions was destroyed. However, you can rebuild constructions but people can not resurrect. How many Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

Total deaths in the Vietnam War

The human costs of the long conflict were harsh for all involved. Not until 1995 did Vietnam release its official estimate of war dead:

  • As many as 2 million civilians on both sides and some 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters.
  • The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war.
  • In 1982 the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C., inscribed with the names of 57,939 members of U.S. armed forces who had died or were missing as a result of the war.
  • Over the following years, additions to the list have brought the total past 58,200.

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

  • Among other countries that fought for South Vietnam on a smaller scale, South Korea suffered more than 4,000 dead, Thailand about 350, Australia more than 500, and New Zealand some three dozen.

Not only Vietnam suffered losing of people but also losing a lot of wealth: its agriculture, business, and industry were disrupted, large parts of its countryside were scarred by bombs and defoliation and laced with land mines, and its cities and towns were heavily.

A mass exodus in 1975 of people loyal to the South Vietnamese cause was followed by another wave in 1978 of “boat people,” refugees fleeing the economic restructuring imposed by the communist regime. Meanwhile, the United States, its military demoralized and its civilian electorate deeply divided, began a process of coming to terms with defeat in what had been its longest and most controversial war. Finally in 1995, the two countries resumed formal diplomatic relations.

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

Civilian deaths in the Vietnam War

  • It is estimated that 40,000 South Vietnamese civilians were assassinated by the People’s Army of Vietnam /Viet Cong
  • 250,000 were killed as a result of combat in South Vietnam and 65,000 were killed in North Vietnam.
  • Another 222,000 civilians were counted as military deaths by the U.S. in compiling its “body count.”

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

Deaths caused by North Vietnam/Viet Cong forces

J. Rummel – a professor of political science who taught at the Indiana University, Yale University, and University of Hawaii – estimated that:

  • People’s Army of Vietnam /Viet Cong forces killed around 164,000 civilians in democide between 1954 and 1975 in South Vietnam, from a range of between 106,000 and 227,000, plus another 50,000 killed in North Vietnam.
  • The Viet Cong killed hundreds of Montagnard civilians at the village during the Battle of Dak Son, 1967
  • 17,000 South Vietnamese civil servants killed by People’s Army of Vietnam /Viet Cong.

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

In addition, at least 36,000 Southern civilians were executed for various reasons in the period 1967–1972, about 130 American and 16,000 South Vietnamese POWs died in captivity.

Thomas Thayer in 1985 estimated that during the 1965 – 1972 period the Viet Cong killed 33,052 South Vietnamese village officials and civil servants.

Deaths caused by South Vietnam

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

According to RJ Rummel, there are lots of civilians and soldiers killed from the Vietnam War between 1964 and 1975:

  • An estimated 1,500 people died during the forced relocations of 1,200,000 civilians, another 5,000 prisoners died from ill-treatment and about 30,000 suspected communists and fighters were executed.
  • In Quảng Nam Province 4,700 civilians were killed in 1969.
  • This totals, from a range of between 16,000 and 167,000 deaths caused by South Vietnam during the (Diệm-era), and 42,000 and 118,000 deaths caused by South Vietnam in the post Diệm-era), excluding People’s Army of Vietnam forces killed by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in combat.

Deaths caused by the American military

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

  • RJ Rummel estimated that American forces committed around 5,500 intentional democidal mass-killings between 1960 and 1972, from a range of between 4,000 and 10,000 killed in democide.
  • Benjamin Valentino attributes possibly 110,000–310,000 “counter guerrilla mass killings” to U.S. and South Vietnamese forces during the war.
  • Estimates for the number of North Vietnamese civilian deaths resulting from US bombing range from 30,000–65,000.
  • Higher estimates place the number of civilian deaths caused by American bombing of North Vietnam in Operation Rolling Thunder at 182,000.
  • American bombing in Cambodia is estimated to have killed between 30,000 and 150,000 civilians and combatants.
  • Burial of 300 unidentified victims from the Huế Massacre, killed by communist forces and found after the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and U.S. Marines retook the area in March, 1968. U.S. Military photo.
  • 2 million gallons of Agent Orange, some of which was contaminated with Dioxin, was sprayed by the U.S. military over more than 10% of Southern Vietnam, as part of the U.S. herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam’s government claimed that 400,000 people were killed or maimed as a result of after effects, and that 500,000 children were born with birth defects. However, the United States government has challenged these figures as being unreliable.

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

  • Guenter Lewy estimates that around 220,000 civilians in South Vietnam were killed in US, Army of the Republic of Vietnam and other allied land operations.
  • Seven massacres officially confirmed by the American side and in five other places altogether about 100 civilians were executed.
  • Two further massacres were reported by soldiers who had taken part in them, one north of Đức Pho in Quảng Ngãi Province in the summer of 1968 (14 victims), another in Bình Định Province on 20 July 1969 (25 victims).
  • Tiger Force, a special operations force, murdered hundreds, possibly over a thousand, civilians.
  • In the course of large-scale operations an unknown number of non-combatants were killed either accidentally or deliberately – with the Army Inspector General estimating that more than 5,000 died in the course of Operation Speedy Express.
  • According to the Information Bureau of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam (PRG), between April 1968 and the end of 1970 American ground troops killed about 6,500 civilians in the course of twenty-one operations either on their own or alongside their allies. Three of the massacres reported on the American side were not mentioned on the PRG list.

Deaths caused by the South Korean military

How many Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war

  • United States Marine recovered victims bodies who were killed by South Korean Marines in Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat hamlets on February 12, 1968.
  • The ROK Capital Division purportedly conducted the Bình An/Tây Vinh massacre in February/March 1966. The 2nd Marine Brigade purportedly conducted the Binh Tai Massacre on 9 October 1966.
  • In December 1966, the Blue Dragon Brigade purportedly conducted the Bình Hòa massacre. The Second Marine Brigade conducted the Phong Nhị and Phong Nhất massacre on 12 February 1968. South Korean Marines purportedly conducted the Hà My massacre on 25 February 1968.
  • According to a study conducted in 1968 by a Quaker-funded Vietnamese-speaking American couple, Diane and Michael Jones, there were at least 12 mass-killings conducted by South Korean forces which approached the scale of the My Lai Massacre with reports of thousands of routine murders on civilians primarily the elderly, women and children.

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  1. By the early 19, the American war effort in Vietnam was winding down, as the Nixon administration continued its Vietnamization policy, including the withdrawal of troops and the transfer of control over ground operations to the South Vietnamese.

  2. I see the statistics are terrible. The number of people who died during the Vietnam War was close to that of a small country, more than the population of Singapore.

    1. You’re right about that. Communism which flourished in the Soviet Union had spread to China which has a border with Russia, and then spread from China to North Viet Nam which has a border with China. South Viet Nam was under attack and was in danger of falling to communism, and the United States was concerned about all of southeast Asia becoming communist. America may not have enjoyed the victory they wanted, but the war attained it’s goal of STOPPING THE SPREAD OF COMMUNISM.

        1. The US left SE Asia in 1975. Communism was already in place in Laos and Cambodia, and those countries fell to the communists in 1975 about the same time we left. There were zero countries that became communist after 1975, and there are only four countries in the world today that are communist including Laos. The Viet Nam war stopped cold the spread of communism.

      1. The goal of the war was to secure the election of Richard Nixon. We learned this from the tapes which were declassified recently. The war did not stop the spread of communism, and it was not intended to.

        1. James Forrest, you lie. The Vietnam War started long before Nixon was elected President. It is jack-asinine to say that the war was started before Nixon was President in order to help Nixon get RE-elected. Nixon may have refused to cut and run in order to avoid defeat in the elections, but WHY DO YOU THINK CRAPPING OUT WOULD HAVE RUINED HIS CHANCES, STUPID? ISN’T IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE OUTRAGED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SEE SO MANY OF THEIR YOUNG MEN DIE FOR NOTHING?

          You also lie that it was not intended to stop the spread of Communism. Laos and Cambodia fell, but Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines all stood firm. You think Communism couldn’t have spread there? What was stopping it? The man in the moon?

          1. Bullshit. It was caused by the turnover to the Americans in the 1950s of French colony of SE Asia. Your information was pushed as a reason for war in the 1960s and was disproven. Propaganda. Nixon and LBJ both knew the war was unwinnable yet escalated.
            And our young men Did die for Nothing. Just because they died does not make the war “noble.”

      2. South Vietnam didn’t need or want our help. Most South Vietnamese civilians and soldiers wanted communism. And even if he was a communist, Ho Chi Minh would’ve treated his people better than Diem or any of our other puppet leaders.

      3. So it was worth the death of millions of people? Would things have been any different today if the US did not invade the country with overwhelming military force? It is ridiculous rationalization like yours that continues to cause endless wars around the globe.

        1. I think you need to dig a little deeper into your history. The communists are responsible for approximately 100,000,000 deaths in the 20th century, and your blaming the US for stopping it?

      4. War for political beliefs are just sad and who gives a shit about communism or any other ism . Oh wait Hitler did . Always need a boogie man and then the soldiers and civilians behind the lines or on them pay the price . Maybe one day we can start killing the people starting the wars. Or possibly someone will create the greatest weapon of all the empathy gun. War is just plain stupid and anyone who thinks otherwise has never seen any real death or combat .

    1. Only a few who volunteered for relief efforts. Big surprise. The US civilian population was thousands of miles away. Duh.

      1. You are obviously an idiot. “Only a few who volunteered for relief efforts.”??? Check your facts before you post. 58,200 is the official number of Americans who died for a country that wasn’t worth dying for. You know, all of your postings are inaccurate- so besides being a total incompetent idiot- you are a liar on top of that. Rainouart- ngậm miệng nói dối ngu ngốc của bạn. Bạn làm cho mình trông cực kỳ ngu ngốc trước tất cả những người bạn thua cuộc!

    1. A lot of these statistics are highly questionable guesstimates. At least the Vietnamese embassy has the decency to indicated that, unlike the “American” Leftist fellow travellers of Communism, who are like Mao in their war on reality and human nature.

      1. Watch the Netflix documentary on the Vietnam War….The war casualties in Vietnamese lives was stated as 3-5 million the us military complex fueled economic growth at home LBJ Nixon and Eisenhower were Cold War war hawks the US is responsible for the overthrow of dozens of governments that put the people first just view Oliver Stones Hidden American History on Netflix 4% of world pop 50% of the worlds wealth 50% of worlds wealth its all about maintaining US way of living

  3. I guess the real measure of the truth is whether or not the nation of Viet Nam is one of free speech, the ability to travel freely and the ability to be an individual without the government telling you where you can or cannot go. If you get up each morning with a joy and hope that you can be your best without being smitten down by an autocratic government then you have achieved true freedom.

  4. oh by the way you know Saigon is Ho Chi Minh City that according to the airlines that would freak people out there want to go there here it was a democratic City when we went through I lost my squad there January 9th 1970 and now it’s a communist City with Yuppie stores yeah it was worth it not

  5. The Philippines is about to suffer the same faith of Vietnam during the early 70’s when President Marcos government decided to declare martial law that resulting the death of 35,000 during the fighting against the communist. 35,000 fatalities is way below 2 millions fatalities during Vietnam war. President Marcos being a visionary made an excellent decision that saves millions of lives.

  6. I actually had two uncle’s that stayed with the OSS (pre-CIA), in SE Asia around 1955. Communism was being taught in small villages then, and because the French treated the Vietnamese as their slaves, the Vietnamese people disliked all foreigners.
    They wanted Vietnam to themselves, rightfully so.
    I remember my uncle’s telling me when I was 12 (1962), we’ll be at war there. When I was of Military age, Dad would only let me enlist in the Navy. I would tell my parents later, I flew in Nam.

  7. Getting legitimate answers requires asking legitimate questions. Given the tremendous loss of life and suffering, why the wars (1946 – 1975)?
    And ask that question using the context of present-day, 2020 ( reference the web sites: &

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