Useful tips for Vietnam Visa Entry

Almost foreigners must be required a Vietnamese Entry Visa. The people hold the Vietnam visa on hand can easy to enter or exit Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi airports or some of land borders. Six border gates with Laos and both Cambodia and China are three. Nowadays, the foreigners get the Vietnam visa easier than before by the opening of Vietnam Government. Therefore, to make it more perfect and avoiding many trouble unexpected, we suggest you some of tips to get through.

There are some of the notice points that you should know to take into account before applying for Vietnam visa:

  1. Applying Vietnam visa before one or two weeks to landing in Vietnam. The reason is avoiding many troubles or urgent fee.
  2. Go to this Vietnam visa service on this website to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival or applying for the Vietnam Consulate/Embassy in your country to get visa stamped directly.
  3. The passport must valid at least 6 months with left blank pages for stamping.
  4. The regulations of Visa always changes, remember to check it carefully before you have a plan to Vietnam.
  5. Visa extensions are usually finished within 1 week progressing visa, you have to get a new visa after 3 extensions.
  6. The validity of Vietnam tourist Visa is a single 30-day stay, it allows the visitors come and out Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang airports or any land border gates. There are six with Laos, both Cambodia and China are three.
  7. Choosing a three-month multiple-entry visa, if you stay in Vietnam more than a month, or go Vietnam and enter again between Cambodia and Laos.

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