5 Reasons To Go On An Adventure In Vietnam By Motorbike

When it comes to traveling in Vietnam, riding a motorbike has its own charm compared to other vehicles. Spending your time cruising on the streets is intriguing in its own ways. Need some motivation to plan a motorbike adventure in Vietnam? Let BM Travel Motorbike Tour show you some reasons! 

5 Reasons To Start Your Adventure In Vietnam On A Motorbike 

Exposure To Nature 

Traveling by car, plane, or train will never truly allow you to appreciate the surrounding nature. Motorbike, on the other hand, shows you the full view of mesmerizing landscapes. And not only can you see these endearing sceneries, but you can also feel, smell, and touch the refreshing scent of Mother Nature. 

The wind stroking your hair, the soothing smell of paddy fields surrounding you, the salty taste of the ocean stagnating on your lips, horizons of mountains and forests opening up in front of your eyes, the birds’ chirping echoed to your ears, all of those will reach your heart. 

Immerse In The Authentic Local Vibe 

Vietnam has long been known for its authenticity of the local vibe. You can truly experience Vietnam life through food, people, and culture. People are cool,  friendly, and ready to share stories of their culture and life to all curious minds. And Vietnamese food? We can go on talking about it for days. 

When it comes to authentic flavors, fancy restaurants cannot compete with small and old food shops you find in the small alleys. Motorbikes give you more flexibility when moving around, making it easier for you to experience local life. 

Save Your Budget For What Matters 

Traveling by motorbikes saves your money. The Petrol price in Vietnam is reasonable, at least compared to other ASEAN countries. Traveling by car, train, or plane cost so much more. And most of the time, the drop-off point of these vehicles is not quite near to the place you want to go. 

There are also a bunch of motorbike tours out there and if you’re already accustomed to the vehicle, you will really have the time of your life. 

Learn And Accumulate New Skills 

Willing to learn some Vietnamese to survive on the way? Having an adventure in Vietnam with a motorbike will be a great help. Besides learning a new language, riding on your motorbike leverages other skills such as motorbike maintenance and repair, navigation, and route planning. There’s so much more about adventuring with a motorbike that will help you become a better version of yourself. 

Motorbike Tours
Motorbike Tours

Create Your Own Customizable Route 

As you have more flexibility and comfort in your own travel, feel free to be creative with your own adventure. Include or exclude any place, reschedule your plan, reduce or extend your time, make your decision, and the world is your oyster!

Feeling Motivated?

Joining a motorbike adventure in Vietnam is really worth the shot. Ready to feast your eyes on the beauty of its nature and sense all of its vibes? Prepare yourself up for a motorbike tour and be in full swing for the adventure. 

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