Whether you need a visa to Vietnam?

Foreigners travel to any countries almost need to apply visa. However, there are some exception case like exempted situation: “Whether you need a visa to Vietnam?” is one of the most popular question many people ask me.

We assure with you about traveling to Vietnam is very wonderful, you are not wrong if have a decision travel to Vietnam because this is a beautiful country in Indochina half-island with tropical climate, warm beaches, wonderful landscape. You need a Vietnam visa if you want to travel to Vietnam.

List exemption of Vietnam visa

Vietnam look likes another countries, it also need you have a visa to come, but it also has an exemption for 24 countries without visa. It following the Exemption rule. If your country appear on this list, congratulation, you don’t need a visa to visit Vietnam.

From January 2019, the passports of 24 countries below here without a tourist visa for Vietnam:

  • Less than 14 days: Brunei, Myanmar.
  • Less than 15 days: Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Norway, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Belarus.
  • Less than 21 days: Philippines
  • Less than 30 days:  Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Chile 

All of these countries must a passport requirement.


Phu Quoc Island

The foreigner can get exemption without visa requirement when they visit Phu Quoc Island less than 30 days. They are still get an exemption if the foreigners transit other international airports in Vietnam before landing Phu Quoc.

The foreigner with a valid passport, they will get an exemption from Vietnam visa, stay in Vietnam not over 60 days. If they have an ABTC (APEC Business Travel Card).

You can visit Vietnam without visa if your country listed on this above list. However, you just stay in Vietnam on the limited period. If you want to stay longer, you should apply Vietnam visa.

How many types of Vietnam Visa?

There are two types of Vietnam visa, it depend on your trip to choice. You will get a business visa, if you come to Vietnam do business. Almost people want to get a tourist visa enter Vietnam.

Two different types of visa have different entry and validity. Tourist and business visa can be apply for multiple entries or single entries. It base on the chain a month to a year.

The way to get Vietnam visa

Come to Vietnam Embassy and apply visa here.

This is the traditional way but you can using it for now. Finding the Vietnam Embassy nearest you, apply and get it directly. Some of steps you should follow to get a Vietnam visa:

  1. Accessing website Vietnam Embassy, download and complete the form.
  2. Booking an appointment by contacting the Embassy.
  3. Take all of important documents
  4. Come back to the Embassy and get visa after 5 working days.

The time process: It up to your demand of you need a visa fast or not. There are many different cases so the time will not similar. You should call to Vietnam Embassy to get a clear answer.

Important documents (documents required)

  • Evidence of accommodation with full stay
  • Payment bill for visa fee
  • The flight booking
  • 2 photo passport size (It take within the past six months, without glasses, 30mm X 40mm)
  • The passport.

Vietnam visa on arrival

If someone live far away from the Vietnam Embassy and avoiding the troubles like losing passport, money, documents, postal mail, etc. Vietnam Visa on Arrival is the best choice.

We recommend you to choice the business visa or tourist visa online because this is the best option for people want to visit Vietnam.

Process time: Normally, it spends 1 or 2 working days. Urgent case is 4-8 hours, half an hour for emergency case.

Document required: Do not need.

Some of adding services: you can book CAR PICK UP, HOTEL, FAST TRACK, ETC. It will help you to save time and comfort to move.

The way to apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival

  1. You should complete the form online and paying for the service fee, after that you should need an agency to visa online Vietnam for you.
  2. An approval letter will send to you, after the confirmed time.
  3. The result will send to your email contains the approval letter if you approved.
  4. Something you should know before applying the visa:
  5. As for Visa on Arrival, it just apply for visiting to Vietnam by air.
  6. The passport must at least 6 months validity and left pages.

Fee for Vietnam visa

It up to your service that you choose for the type of visa. An exactly price will appear when you determine your case. Access here to get a detail price.




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