5 Suggested Routes for Motorbike Trip from Saigon To Hanoi

In this article, Vietnam Motorbike Tours would like to suggest you 5 routes from Saigon to Hanoi. When riding on these on-road and off roads, you will be able to see beautiful scenery and avoid dense traffics. Since new roads are currently being reinforced and expanded, it makes travellers to have more time on journeys as well as have ability to visit more remote mountainous areas. The below suggestions comes from the best experiences of offroad riding from south to north. Let’s take a look here.

1. THE CLASSIC: 2,770km: (2-4 weeks): Top 5 Suggested tracks for Motorbike Trip from Saigon To Hanoi

The Classic route offers you chances to see both scenery of beaches and mountains. It is such a tranquil and beautiful coastal roads that leads to many landscape of limestone karsts in different parts of the Vietnam such as the south, a number of central provinces and the north-central region.

You will also pass through many famous towns and sights like Mui Ne, Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, the Hai Van Pass, Phong Nha Caves and Ninh Binh. In addition to that are paths passing beach areas such as the beaches around Quy Nhon, the coastal back-roads north of Hue, and the Western Ho Chi Minh Road.

2. THE BEACH BUM: 2,050km: (10 days-3 weeks) Top 5 Suggested tracks for Motorbike Trip from Saigon To Hanoi

This curving coastline is about 1,300km. It is perfect choice if you like playing with sand, surfing or hearing the sound of sea. The Beach Bum route does not meet Highway 1 since it is a new and not dense coast roads leading you to deserted beaches, fishing villages and beach towns.

This route also covers many regions like Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Phan Rang, Cam Ranh and Quy Nhon, where the sand and sea still preserves it wild beauty. Left the beaches behind, the route takes you to the hills along the Ho Chi Minh Road with limestone mountains and caves at Phong Nha.

3. UNCLE HO’S TRAIL: 1,880km: (10 days-2 weeks)

The Ho Chi Minh Trail ( so called Uncle Ho’s Trail) is from the south to the north of Vietnam. Uncle Ho’s Trail might be the shortest route but it also provides with mostly mountainous views following the Truong Son Range. From huge agricultural plateaus of tea and timber, to the frontier lands bordering with Laos; from Western wonderful rivers, to the Northern limestone mountains : you’ll observe the most magnificent scenery in Vietnam.

The route passes some thriving cities and charming towns like Buon Ma Thuot and Kon Tum. There, you can interact with local people and regional culture.

4.THE BIG ONE: 4,180km: (3-6 weeks)

When you have no worries about time as well as having desire to watch carefully what you pass on the single track from Saigon to Hanoi. The Big One it best suitable for you. This route wanders around the mountains, coastal back-roads, the Uncle Ho’s trail and newly built freeway. Definitely, taking a off road motorbike trip from Saigon to Hanoi will give you a riding trip of unforgettable memories.

Passing through all the greatest beaches in southern and central Vietnam, travelling over the isolated valleys located in Central Highlands, riding on the single tracks through limestone forests to the West of the Ho Chi Minh trail, and following shimmering rivers from source to mouth; this is the definitive south to north route. To balance all the off-the-grid exploration, famous towns and tourist hotspots namely Nha Trang, Dalat, Hoi An, Phong Nha Caves and Ninh Binh are all included this itinerary.

5. THE EASY RIDER: 2,230km: (2-4 weeks)

To be best suitable for motorbike off road riders who prefer a less challenging route from south to north while they still can have chances to witness the natural beauty of the countryside, it is suggested by Vietnam Motorbike Tours that people should take the Easy Rider route.  The route is considered as one of the good-quality roads on the direct of the southern to northern Vietnam. It will be much easier to follow on this road. Although on the central coast, it will have a couple of tricky bits, it will not be big obstacles preventing you from motorbike riding trip.

Changing direction from coast to highlands on occasions severally, this route passes over several attractive and interesting places in Vietnam. For instance, you can dip yourself into the southern waters of Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Quy Nhon or feel and enjoy the cooler weathers at mountainous towns such as Dalat and Kon Tum. Additionally, you will be more excited to appreciate the cultural beauty and delightful atmosphere in Hoi An and Hue when you cross Hai Van Pass where is like a bridge connecting Hoi An and Hue. Along the Ho Chi Minh trail, you might also be lost in the majestic natural beauty of the limestone in the Phong Nha Cave system. The Easy Rider route can alter the classic route due to it’s good quality and time-saving advantage.

With an offroad motorbike trip across Vietnam, the choice of route depends on the preferences and conditions of each rider. With the road listed above, hopefully, the travelers will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the countryside, peaceful valleys, wild beaches and the famous tourist cities such as from Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hue….to Hanoi, the capital with thousand years of civilization. During your motorbike track riding trip, you can choose to stay in a different city for staying overnight, both to rest and to find out about the land that you are about to arrive as carefully planned by Vietnam Motorbike Tours. For any further information, please visit our website to get help: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com

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